Skywave Linux: Get the Source Code

Skywave Linux uses open source software, licensed under the GPL, and has a responsibility to make the underlying source code available to users. As a user of these software packages, you have the right to obtain, study, and modify the source code. Listed below are links to the source used for creating Skywave Linux:

dump1090 (MalcomRobb)
dump1090 (SDRPlay)
librtlsdr (N1GP)
librtlsdr (Keenerd)
Liquid DSP
Osmocom RTL-SDR

The vast majority of binary files in Skywave Linux come from Ubuntu repositories. Downloading the source code for any or all of the packages from the repositories is quite easy. As a prerequisite, make sure that the source code repositories are enabled for the sources in /etc/apt/sources.list and also the special repositories listed in the folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d. For every "deb" line, there must be a corresponding uncommented "deb-src" line:

deb wily main
deb-src wily main

You can retrieve the source code for any particular package with the following command, executed as a normal user:

apt-get source package-name

To get source for all of the packages downloaded from the repositories, you could repeat the above command thousands of times. Instead, use a simple script to get the sources. The code is given below, or you can download here.

# Download source from repositories
# enabled on this system.

echo "To get source for installed applications, press [ENTER] to execute..."
read line

mkdir source
cd source
dpkg --get-selections | while read line
        package=`echo $line | awk '{print $1}'`
        mkdir $package
        cd $package
        apt-get -q source $package
        cd ..

Make the script executable:

chmod a+x

Give the command to execute the script:


The script will make a source directory and download the source code into it. On a low bandwidth connection, it could take a while to complete its tasks.

Skywave Linux uses scripts and modified configuration files for integrating operation of the various software packages, increasing user convenience, and enhancing system performance. To access the specific Skywave Linux sources, visit Skywave Linux on Github.

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