Bash Aliases

"Life is too short to go without abbreviations and aliases in Bash."

Listing files and Directories
	ls	ls --color=auto
	grep	grep --color=auto
	fgrep	fgrep --color=auto
	egrep	egrep --color=auto
	ll	ls -alF
	la	ls -A
	l	ls -CF
	zenity	zenity 2>/dev/null

Screen management
	c	clear

Syntax highlighting for cat (requires ccat binary)
	cat	ccat --bg=dark $*
	ccat	ccat --bg=dark $*

Use python 3 in bash
	python	python3
	pip	python3.8 -m pip
	pip3	python3.8 -m pip

	tmux	tmux -2

Use Neovim instead of Vim
	vim	nvim

Vim keys to exit the shell
	:q	exit

Use x-terminal-emulator instead of xterm
	xterm	x-terminal-emulator
	uxterm	x-terminal-emulator
	lxterm	x-terminal-emulator

Start usbreset-helper, fuzzy device selection
    usbreset usbreset-helper

Start a Surfraw web search in W3M terminal browser, fuzzy elvi selection
    sr       sr -browser=$BROWSERCLI

Start a Surfraw web search in the GUI browser, fuzzy elvi selection
    surfraw  surfraw -browser=$BROWSER

Shortcuts for Wireguard VPN
Start and stop the VPN using config file wg0...
	w0u	systemctl start wg-quick@wg0.service
	w0d	systemctl stop wg-quick@wg0.service

Start and stop the VPN using config file wg1...
	w1u	systemctl start wg-quick@wg1.service
	w1d	systemctl stop wg-quick@wg1.service

Start and stop the VPN using config file wg0...
	w2u	systemctl start wg-quick@wg2.service
	w2d	systemctl stop wg-quick@wg2.service

Copy VPN configs from present directory to /etc/wireguard
	(root shell only -- not sudo)
	wgxfr	cp -f wg*.conf /etc/wireguard/

fzf Fuzzy Search previews text with ccat
	fzf	fzf --preview="ccat {}"

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