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Streaming radio signals, whether on local equipment or through the internet, is challenging to just about any computer. I initially created Skywave Linux on ratty dual core laptops and office machines, and it was pretty decent. There were times when recording the screen or processing audio would bog down my old equipment. In hot weather, multitasking loads would cause the internal temperatures to reach limits. Everything changed when Skywave Linux was run on a modern machine with more CPU cores and RAM. Whoah! If you are bogging down your own computers with wideband reception or heavy DSP tasks, shop around for a better machine. Skywave Linux is awesome on modern bare metal.

Step Up Your Computing Experience With a Hardware Upgrade

Upgrade to the Alienware 17 Laptop
Upgrade to the Dell Inspiron 17
Upgrade to the Dell Xps 17
Upgrade to the Hp Envy 17 Laptop
Upgrade to the Hp Omen 17 Laptop
Upgrade to the Lg Gram 17 Laptop
Upgrade to the Msi Creator 17 Laptop
Upgrade to the Razer Blade Pro 17 Laptop
Upgrade to the Rog Strix Scar 17 Laptop

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