Key Bindings for the i3 Window Manager
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Most special combinations involve the key called Mod4 or Super or Windows.

To exit your i3 session:
Mod4 + e	or Mod4 + Pause	to enter System Mode, then...
	l to logout
	r to reboot
	s to shut down

Get out of resize mode: Enter or ESC

To bring up Rofi, the window list and application menu:
Mod4 + r or right click on the i3 bar

To start...
	...Web Browser:			Mod4 + i
	...Video Player:		Mod4 + m
	...Audio Player:		Mod4 + d
	...Volume Control:		Mod4 + v		(Alsamixer)
	...Volume Control2:		Mod4 + Shift + v	(Pavucontrol)
	...Terminal:			Mod4 + Enter or Ctrl + Alt + t
	...Bit Torrent			Mod4 + q
	...Screenshot			Mod4 + Print

To kill a focused window:	Mod4 + Shift + q or Ctrl + q

To drag a window: Mod4 + left mouse button and drag it.

To reload the i3 configuration:	Mod4 + Shift + c

To restart i3 inplace:	Mod4 + Shift + r

Tiled layout:	Mod4 + e
Stacked layout: Mod4 + s
Tabbed layout:	Mod4 + w

To change layouts from tiled to split-horiz to split-vert to tabbed:
Mod4 + g toggles through the layouts.

To toggle a window between floating and tiled:	Mod4 + Shift + Space

You do not minimize in i3, but there is a special "scratchpad workspace":
Hide a focused window on the scratchpad:	Mod4 + Shift + F1
Retrieve windows from the scratchpad:		Mod4 + F1	repeat as necessary.

There may be up to 10 workspaces, (numbered 0 through 9)...
	Switch to a workspace:	Mod4 + number
	Move focused container to a workspace:	Mod4 + Shift + number

Resize Mode to change window size:  Mod4 + z
	Shrink laterally;	h or left arrow key
	Expand laterally:	l or right arrow key
	Expand vertically:	j or down arrow key
	Shrink vertically:	k or up arrow key

Get out of resize mode: Enter or ESC
To keep focus, but move a tab within a container:
Mod4 + Tab + n next (or right, down, n, r, d)
Mod4 + Shift + Tab + p prev (or left, up, l, u)

To move focused windows among containers:
left	Mod4 + Shift + h
down	Mod4 + Shift + j
up	    Mod4 + Shift + k
right	Mod4 + Shift + l

To change focus to another window:
left	Mod4 + h
down	Mod4 + j
up	    Mod4 + k
right	Mod4 + l

There is much more to i3wm than this.  Find good online resources and study
the efficacy and power of tiling window managers.

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