Skywave Linux: Expansion of KiwiSDR Sites to New Areas

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For several months, I have been noting as well as enjoying the appearance of KiwiSDR version 2 receivers on the internet. They are superb performers and offer a super easy way to do shortwave listening. KiwiSDRs also work great for mediumwave (a.k.a AM Talk Radio) listening, and I have a list of favorite stations to tune in for talk shows around the world. Not to put down the version 1 receivers; they are okay too. In fact, an online listener cannot really tell the difference between the two versions.

What is more significant is that a lot of pent up demand for KiwiSDRs is being met by the current production runs, and owners are putting them online to share with the general public. For a long time, the total number of receivers online was stagnating around 600. However, the count has pushed into the upper 700s, and just this week surpassed 800. Eight hundred KiwiSDRs online! Even the most jaded old salt must concede that it is good.

Geographic areas with sparse to zero KiwiSDR coverage are now appearing on the KiwiSDR Receiver Map. See the images below to see some new sites in Alaska and Western Australia:

A new KiwiSDR is online near Fairbanks,

More KiwiSDRs have been put online near
Perth, Western Australia.

Europe is now swimming in KiwiSDRs. So are the United States and Japan. Canada has a number of receivers, with plenty popping up in Alberta and British Columbia. I don't know what it is about Ontario and Quebec, but those provinces don't seem to have so many hams or SWLs putting KiwiSDRs online. (Big grin) That's alright, as I've found some new mediumwave stations to check out from new receivers in Manitoba. One sensitive rig is on near Winnipeg, and another one is near the town of Dauphin.

To those site operators putting on new publically accessible KiwiSDR servers, I express my gratitude and wishes that you enjoy the adventure of being a site operator.

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