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Here is a collection of videos which were made about Skywave Linux or made with Skywave Linux. In the earlier versions, video captures of SDR streams were taken with Simplescreenrecorder. Version 4.2 is the first iso with OBS Studio as a more capable replacement, which can stream as well as simply capture video.

Skywave Linux v4.3 Flashback, TwitGrid, Bash coding, and an amusing anecdote about nuns at my old school.
A full hour of the Firedrake Jammer music sequence, plus a short talk about the jammer and how it is fading into the past.
Monitoring multiple frequencies at once on internet KiwiSDRs. (Technique for catching more signals.)
Skywave Linux 4.1: Bug fixes and tweaks. Snark for the haters.
Winter Night Propagation: coast to coast jammers on the 75M.
Doomsday Plane Monitoring (HF + ADS-B) January 7th 2021
Boomer Pervs of 3860 kHz "Your INCEL Future..."
Skywave Linux 4.0: RTL-SDR frequency calibration script.
How to make great sounding SDR recordings.

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