Skywave Linux 4.3 Flashback Published

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Skywave Linux 4.3 flashback is a special release, now available for download via bit torrent. This one was built on special request by a loyal user who wanted the desktop wallpaper of version 2 and a nice Gnome Flashback desktop. Okay, here it is - with apps updated from version 4.2 and some new goodies thrown in.

Key SDR applications are available on the left sidebar. Tap the Super key (Mod 4) to bring it into view. Definitely take notice of the KiwiSDR client, as that little app opens access to KiwiSDRs on the internet without going through the web browser.

Skywave Linux v4.3 Flashback
Skywave Linux v4.3 Flashback

Skywave Linux v4.3 is "a tad larger" the previous iso files, with the programming tools of 4.2 plus the desktop environment. It works nicely, and I hope you will enjoy the nice features.


P.C., AB9IL / Skywave Linux

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