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"Multitask, prioritize, and execute effectively with the Terminal Multiplexer"

Starting Tmux (in the terminal):
	Show Tmux sessions:			tmux ls, tmux list-sessions
	Attach to last session:		tmux attach, tmux attach session
	Attach to "mysession":		tmux a -t mysession, tmux attach -t mysession
	Kill all sessions:			tmux kill-session -a
	kill "mysession":			tmux kill-session -t mysession

Keystrokes go to the terminals except for...
	...the colon : and a command:
		New session					:new
		New session "mysession"		:new -s mysession
		Maximize window, detach others	:attach -d
		Send command to all panes	:setw synchronize-panes

	...the "Prefix" given before Tmux commands is Ctrl - a
	...I say again: the Tmux "Prefix" is set to Ctrl - a
		...and the Tmux command is sent after the prefix.

Commands sent after the prefix:
	Reload the configuration:	r
	Split area horizontally into left and right panes	| ("pipe" symbol)
	Split area vertically into top and bottom panes:	- ("dash" symbol)

	(These navigations among panes are Vim-aware)
	Move to the next pane left:		Ctrl + h
	Move to the next pane down:		Ctrl + j
	Move to the next pane up:		Ctrl + k
	Move to the next pane right:	Ctrl + l
	Move to the previous split:		Ctrl + \

	Toggle between pane layouts:	Space
	Show pane numbers:				q
	Resize a pane: use arrow keys and optionally Ctrl

	Rename the current session:		$
	Show all sessions:				s
	Detatch from current session:	d
	Move to previous session:		(
	Move to next session:			)

	Create a new window:				c
	Close an existing window:			&
	Rename the current window:			,
	Move to previous window:			p
	Move to next window:				n
	Select window by number:			0...9

There is much more to Tmux than these commands... Get thyne self to quality
online sources and study this software.  It is a beautiful tool.

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