Best Internet SDR Servers, 05/23/2019

The software defined radio servers listed below have been selected for geographical coverage and quality of reception. Performance and coverage vary depending on hardware used at individual sites. This is not an exhastive list, as there are more servers going online daily! Be sure to visit the live online lists shown directly below.

Online list: (Live Server List)
Online map: (OpenWebRX Map)
OpenWebRX, Freemans Reach, Australia
OpenWebRX, VK3TLW, Melbourne, Australia
OpenWebRX, Tasmania, Australia
OpenWebRX, OE4XLC, Allhau, Austria
OpenWebRX, VE6SLP, Lamont, AB, Canada
OpenWebRX, VE7AB, Victoria, BC, Canada
OpenWebRX, VE3HOA, Ottawa, QC, Canada
OpenWebRX, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
OpenWebRX, CA3PBR, Santiago, Chile
OpenWebRX, Hebei, China
OpenWebRX, Shenzhen, China
OpenWebRX, TF3ARI, Reykjavik, Iceland
OpenWebRX, New Delhi, India
OpenWebRX, Bandung, Indonesia
OpenWebRX, Jakarta, Indonesia
OpenWebRX, Carlow, Ireland
OpenWebRX, IW2NKE, Trecastelli, Italy
OpenWebRX, JA1GJD/2, Aichi, Japan
OpenWebRX, JA/EK0JA, Chiba, Japan
OpenWebRX, Kanuma City, Japan
OpenWebRX, Daegu City, South Korea
OpenWebRX, Seoul, South Korea
OpenWebRX, Mangawhai, New Zealand
OpenWebRX, ZL/KF6VO, New Zealand
OpenWebRX, Muscat, Oman
OpenWebRX, Canary Islands, Spain
OpenWebRX, Colombo, Sri Lanka
OpenWebRX, SK3W, Sweden
OpenWebRX, London, UK
OpenWebRX, Cosham, UK
OpenWebRX, KPH, Point Reyes, California, USA
OpenWebRX, N3LGA, Sunnyvale, California, USA
OpenWebRX, AI6VN/KH6, Maui, Hawaii, USA
OpenWebRX, NH6XO, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
OpenWebRX, Edinburgh, Indiana, USA
OpenWebRX, KD4HSO, Overland Park, Kansas, USA
OpenWebRX, WA2ZKD/1, Rockport, Maine, USA
OpenWebRX, W0AY, Stevensville, Montana, USA
OpenWebRX, K2SDR, Sea Girt, New Jersey, USA
OpenWebRX, KP4CA, Anasco, Puerto Rico, USA
OpenWebRX, K1RA, Warrenton, Virginia, USA
OpenWebRX, WA6OUR, Sammamish, Washington, USA

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