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New Features: Quick Tune Global Internet SDR List Quick Tune HFCGS List Quick Tune VOLMET List

Quick Tune Global Internet SDR List (09/13/2020)

Save time by rapidly configuring the listed servers to the frequency and mode of your choice using this dynamic list! When the SDR renders in your browser, it will be on the frequency and in the mode you selected, also with a consistent and reasonable filter bandpass for either single sideband or AM.

  1. Simply enter a frequency, select a mode, click ENTER.
  2. After this page reloads, click on a server to open a new tab and start listening as configured.
  3. KiwiSDRs on the OpenWebRX interface can tune anywhere from VLF through 30 to 32 MHz.
  4. WebSDRs are limited to bands set up by the operator, depending on the hardware.

Online list: (Live KiwiSDR List)
Online map: (OpenWebRX Map)
OpenWebRX, Freemans Reach, Australia
OpenWebRX, VK3TLW, Melbourne, Australia
OpenWebRX, Tasmania, Australia
OpenWebRX, OE3AKB, Oberwoelbling, Austria
OpenWebRX, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
OpenWebRX, VE6SLP, Lamont, AB, Canada
OpenWebRX, VE7AB, Victoria, BC, Canada
OpenWebRX, VE3HOA, Ottawa, QC, Canada
OpenWebRX, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands
OpenWebRX, CA3PBR, Santiago, Chile
OpenWebRX, Shenyang, China
OpenWebRX, BH4ERB, Shanghai, China
OpenWebRX, Raufarhofn, Iceland
OpenWebRX, Bengaluru, India
OpenWebRX, New Delhi, India
OpenWebRX, Bandung, Indonesia
OpenWebRX, Jakarta, Indonesia
OpenWebRX, Carlow, Ireland
OpenWebRX, EI2HH, South Kilkenny, Ireland
OpenWebRX, IW2NKE, Trecastelli, Italy
OpenWebRX, JA1GJD/2, Aichi, Japan
OpenWebRX, Kanuma City, Japan
OpenWebRX, JJ1EQL, Kawasaki, Japan
OpenWebRX, Okegawa City, Japan
OpenWebRX, Daejon, Republic of Korea
OpenWebRX, Seoul, Republic of Korea
OpenWebRX, Marahau, New Zealand
OpenWebRX, Z1PWM, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
OpenWebRX, Izghawa, Qatar
OpenWebRX, SM2BYC, Haparanda, Sweden
OpenWebRX, London, UK
OpenWebRX, Cosham, UK
OpenWebRX, KR6LA, Whitmore, California, USA
OpenWebRX, N3LGA, Sunnyvale, California, USA
OpenWebRX, W1NEJ, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
OpenWebRX, AI6VN/KH6, Maui, Hawaii, USA
OpenWebRX, NH6XO, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
OpenWebRX, Edinburgh, Indiana, USA
OpenWebRX, KD4HSO, Overland Park, Kansas, USA
OpenWebRX, WA2ZKD/1, Rockport, Maine, USA
OpenWebRX, W0AY, Stevensville, Montana, USA
OpenWebRX, K2SDR, Sea Girt, New Jersey, USA
OpenWebRX, W2GNN, Princeton Junction, New Jersey, USA
OpenWebRX, N4TTN, Angier, North Carolina, USA
OpenWebRX, K1RA, Warrenton, Virginia, USA
OpenWebRX, WA6OUR, Sammamish, Washington, USA

The software defined radio servers listed here have been selected for geographical coverage and quality of reception. Performance and coverage vary depending on hardware, internet bandwidth, and radio conditions at individual sites. This is not an exhastive list, as server availability changes on a daily basis! To see what is immediately available, visit the live online lists.

During peak operating periods, it may be difficult or impossible to use some of the sites. The KiwiSDRs have limited channels available. WebSDR servers can take more users, up to the point where CPU capability and internet bandwidth are limiting factors.

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Software defined radio servers listed here are operated by volunteers, bearing their own expenses for the equipment and bandwidth. Be sure to do what you can to support those sites - linking to them, promoting them among your fellow radio listeners, and donating if they have set up a patronage process. To the server operators: we appreciate your effort!

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