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KiwiSDR Locations (Click for Stations)

Mumbai, MH, IN New Delhi, NCT, IN Ahmedabad, GJ, IN Bengaluru, KA, IN Coimbatore, TN, IN Siliguri, WB, IN Dimapur, NL, IN

Use this list of cities in India to quickly open a browser tab with the KiwiSDR site from which you want to listen. If signals are weak or noisy, try another station or switch to a different SDR server if another one is available. You can tune around and find more stations on any of the SDRs. They not only receive AM / mediumwave, but work fabulously on shortwave too.

Visit the Skywavelinux SDR Map to find other receiving stations in your geographic area of interest. I have also set up lists for KiwiSDR Canada, KiwiSDR Australia and New Zealand, and Global Mediumwave WebSDRs for all who enjoy the news, music, and lively cultural programs around our world.

How to use:

  1. Select a station by clicking the appropriate button.
  2. Click on a receiver location to open an SDR tab in your browser.
  3. Each click on any receiver opens a new tab, so you can listen from more than one location.
  4. This list of KiwiSDR receivers updates every six hours.
  5. Click to download this SDRs for India List [PDF].
KiwiSDR: 21st Century Radio for the People
A listener's handbook by and for KiwiSDR enthusiasts.

Mumbai, MH, IN

AIR Mumbai 558 AIR Pune 792 AIR Panaji 1287

KiwiSDR, Pune, India

New Delhi, NCT, IN

AIR Indraprastha 819 AIR Ratnagiri 1143 AIR New Delhi 1638

KiwiSDR, New Delhi

Ahmedabad, GJ, IN

AIR Ahmedabad 846

Bengaluru, KA, IN

AIR Bengaluru 612 AIR Chennai 720 AIR Dharwad 765 TWR India 882 AIR 1224 AIR Panaji 1287 AIR Jeypore 1467


Coimbatore, TN, IN

AIR Bengaluru 612 AIR Indore 648 AIR Pune 792 AIR Coimbatore 999

Siliguri, WB, IN

AIR Nagpur 585 AIR Kolkata 657 AIR Siliguri 711 AIR Kolkata 1008

Dimapur, NL, IN

AIR Dibrugarh 567 AIR Chinsurah 594 AIR Patna 621 AIR Kolkata 657 AIR Itanagar 675 AIR Lucknow 747 AIR New Delhi 819 AIR Imphal 882 AIR Chinsurah 1134 AIR Kolkata 1008

Please be a fair listener on these radio servers. Avoid excessive time or opening multiple SDR tabs from the same site at once, as site operators detect and block users or frequencies who draw excessive bandwidth.

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