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Halifax - Moncton Area Montreal Ottawa Toronto Winnipeg Regina and Saskatoon Edmonton Calgary Vancouver

CBC Radio, the radio broadcast network of Canada, is a favorite of mine. It carries in depth news and analysis, music, and discussions on topics which matter. When it was available for streaming internationally, I listened to CBC Radio on my smart phone and tablet computer. Recently, CBC has cut off access for foreign listeners - apparently due to royalty payment obligations. That is a true bummer for overseas CBC listeners abroad - whether Canadian citizens or others who simply like the programming. However, there is a workaround.

Use the list below to quickly open a browser tab with the Canadian KiwiSDR site from which you want to listen. If signals are weak or noisy, try another station or switch to a different SDR server if another one is available. You can tune around and find more stations on any of the SDRs. They not only receive AM / mediumwave, but work fabulously on shortwave too.

Visit the Skywavelinux SDR Map to find other receiving stations in your geographic area of interest. I have also set up lists for Australian and New Zealand Mediumwave KiwiSDR and Global Mediumwave WebSDR for all who enjoy the news, music, and lively cultural programs each place offers.

How to use:

  1. Select a station by clicking the appropriate button.
  2. After page reloads, click on a receiver location to open an SDR tab in your browser.
  3. Each click on any receiver opens a new tab, so you can listen from more than one location.
  4. This list of KiwiSDR receivers updates every 12 hours.
  5. Click to download this SDRs for Canada List [PDF].
KiwiSDR: 21st Century Radio for the People
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Halifax - Moncton Area

KiwiSDR, Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada


KiwiSDR, Montreal, QC - CANADA
KiwiSDR, Montreal, Canada


KiwiSDR, Ottawa, Canada
KiwiSDR, Carleton Place ,Ontario, Canada


KiwiSDR, Rochester, New York
KiwiSDR, Rochester, New York
KiwiSDR, Rochester, NY
KiwiSDR, London, Ontario (Canada)


KiwiSDR, Winnipeg, Canada
KiwiSDR, Manitoba , Canada
KiwiSDR, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Regina and Saskatoon

KiwiSDR, Coronation, Alberta, Canada


KiwiSDR, Alberta CANADA
KiwiSDR, Alberta CANADA
KiwiSDR, Coronation, Alberta, Canada
KiwiSDR, Lamont, ALberta
KiwiSDR, Highvale,Alberta,Canada


KiwiSDR, Coronation, Alberta, Canada


KiwiSDR, Deer Harbor, Washington
KiwiSDR, Squamish, BC, Canada
KiwiSDR, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Please be a fair listener on these radio servers. Avoid excessive time or opening multiple SDR tabs from the same site at once, as site operators detect and block users or frequencies who draw excessive bandwidth.

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