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WebSDR & KiwiSDR Locations (Click for Stations)

Western Europe Eastern Europe Taiwan Bangkok, Thailand Argentina and Uruguay Sao Paulo, Brasil Boston - New York - Washigton DC Regions, USA Chicago, Illinois, USA Orlando, Florida, USA Southern California, USA Northern California, USA Corrine, Utah, USA Eastern Texas, USA

Use the list below to quickly open a browser tab, streaming your favorite station from a WebSDR or KiwiSDR receiver. If signals are weak or noisy, try another station or switch to a different SDR location. You can tune around and find more stations on any of the SDRs. They not only receive AM / mediumwave, but work fabulously on shortwave too.

Visit the Skywavelinux SDR Map to find other receiving stations in your geographic area of interest. I have also set up lists for Canadian Mediumwave on KiwiSDR and Australia - New Zealand Mediumwave on KiwiSDR for all who enjoy the news, music, and lively cultural programs each place offers.

How to use:

  1. Select a station by clicking the appropriate button.
  2. After page reloads, click on a receiver location to open an SDR tab in your browser.
  3. Each click on any receiver opens a new tab, so you can listen from more than one location.
  4. Click to download this WebSDR Mediumwave List [PDF].
WebSDR Handbook
How to Tune Global Broadcasts and Communications for Free With Software Defined Radio

Western Europe

Radio Antena Satelor 153 BBC Radio 4 198 Polskie Radio Jedynka 225 RTE Radio 1 252 Romania Actualitati 558 Romania Actualitati 603 Radio Caroline 648 BBC 5 Live 693 RNE Catalonia 738 BBC Radio Scotland 810 BBC 5 Live 909 Radio Cesky Impuls 981 COPE Madrid 999 TalkSPORT 1053 Country Chzech 1062 TalkSPORT 1089 Radio Cluj Romania 1152 Absolute Radio 1215 Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 1386 Copenhagen Radio208 1440 LycaRadio 1458 Panjab Radio 1584

WebSDR, Heppen, Belgium
KiwiSDR, Terspelt, Belgium
WebSDR, Enschede, Netherlands
WebSDR, Bedford, United Kingdom
KiwiSDR, Canterbury, United Kingdom
WebSDR, Grimsby, United Kingdom
KiwiSDR, Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom
KiwiSDR, Oslo, Norway
KiwiSDR, Vienna, Austria

Eastern Europe

Radio Antena Satelor 153 Polskie Radio Jedynka 225 Kossuth Radio 540 Romania Actualitati 558 BNR Horizont 576 Romania Actualitati 603 Radio Antena Satelor 630 RNE Catalonia 738 RNE Catalonia 783 Romania Actualitati 855 Romania Actualitati 909 Radio Cesky Rohzlas 954 Radio Lasi 1053 Danko Radio 1116 Country Chzech 1062 TalkSPORT 1089 Radio Cluj Romania 1152 Romania Actualitati 1179 Radio Romania Targu 1197 Absolute Radio 1215 Danko Radio 1251 Radio Antena Satelor 1314 Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 1386 Radio Sighet 1404 Vesti FM 1413 Radio Moldova 1494 Radio Constanta 1530 Radio Studio X 1584

WebSDR, Krizevci, Croatia
WebSDR, Athens, Greece
WebSDR, Aegaleo-Athens, Greece
WebSDR, Makrygialos-Pierias, Greece
KiwiSDR, Silesia, Poland
KiwiSDR, Rzeszow, Poland
WebSDR, Breaza, Romania
KiwiSDR, Dorohoi, Romania
KiwiSDR, Bucharest, Romania


Zhong Guang i go 531 540 Fuxing Radio 1 558 China News Radio 648 Hansheng Radio 693 Shih Hsin Radio 729 First Voice Radio 774 Positive Voice Broadcasting 819 PBC Radio 2 855 Renaissance Radio 909 Hansheng Radio 936 Guangdong Folks Network 963 The Sound of Brilliance 981 Tiannan Broadcasting Company 999 Fuxing Radio 2 1089 Hansheng Radio 1116 Huasheng Radio 1152 Huasheng Radio 1224 PBC Radio 1 1296 Taiwan Broadcasting Corporation 1323 Taiwan Broadcasting Corporation 1350 China Central Radio 1422 National Education Radio 1494 National Education Radio 1557 Fisheries Radio 1593

KiwiSDR, Taipei, Taiwan
KiwiSDR, Taipei, Taiwan
KiwiSDR, Taoyuan, Taiwan
KiwiSDR, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Bangkok, Thailand

Cavalry Center Radio 540 AAA Brigade 594 11th Army Radio 630 Dept. of Military Comms 657 Voice of the Navy 675 Music 711 Border Patrol Radio 747 Dept. of Military Affairs 792 Islamic Radio 837 Air Force Techs 945 Royal Guard, 1st Infantry 999 11th Army Radio 1053 Parliament Radio 1071 Royal Thai Signal Corps 1269 Royal Guard, 1st Infantry 1422 Army Signal Corps 1440

KiwiSDR, Cha-Am, Thailand
KiwiSDR, Bangkok, Thailand
KiwiSDR, Tha Mai, Thailand

Argentina and Uruguay

Radio Argentina 570 CX58 Radio Clarin 580 LS4 Radio Continental 590 Radio Rural Uruguay 610 CX6 Classica 650 CX8 Radio Sarandi 690 CX10 Radio Dios es Amor 730 LRL203 Radio AM 750 CX12 Radio Oriental 770 LR6 Radio Mitre 790 CX14 Radio El Espectador 810 Radio del Pueblo 830 LRA1 Radio Nacional 870 Radio Libre CABA 890 CX20 Radio Monte Carlo 930 CX22 Radio Universal 970 LR4 Radio Splendid 990 Radio Nacional 1020 CX26 Radio Uruguay 1050 LS1 Radio Ciudad 1110 CX30 La Treinta 1130 CX32 Radio Mundo 1170 LS1 Radio Las Flores 1210 CX36 Radio Centenario 1250 CX38 Radio Cultura 1290 CX40 Radio Fenix 1330 LS6 Radio Buenos Aires 1350

KiwiSDR, Buenos Aires, Argentina
KiwiSDR, Buenos Aires, Argentina
KiwiSDR, Montevideo, Uruguay

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Radio Banda 550 ZYJ234 Difusora AM 590 ZYJ208 Marumby AM 730 ZYH709 Jovem Pan News 750 ZYJ457 Radio MEC 800 ZYK687 Radio Bandeirantes 840 ZYJ453 Super Rede Boa Vontade 940 ZYH707 Rádio Nacional 980 ZYK537 Radio Capital 1040 ZYH708 Rede Aleluia 1080 ZYK656 Super Radio 1150 ZYK520 Radio Cultura 1200 ZYK688 Radio Deus e Amor 1260 ZYJ200 Radio Evangelizar 1430 ZYK779 Radio 9 de Julho 1600

WebSDR, Sao Paulo, Brasil
KiwiSDR, Sao Paulo, Brasil
KiwiSDR, Sao Paulo, Brasil
KiwiSDR, Brasilia, Brazil

Boston - New York - Washigton DC Regions, USA

WMCA The Mission 570 WSBN Sports Capitol 630 WFAN Sports 660 WRKO Boston 680 WLW News Radio 700 WOR Talk Radio 710 WGN Talk Radio 720 CKAC Montreal 730 CFZM Zoomer Radio 740 WJR News Talk 760 WABC Talk Radio 770 WAEB News Radio 790 WGY Schenectady 810 WNYC Public Radio 820 WHAS Talk Radio 840 WCBS News Radio 880 CHML News Radio 900 WURA Radio Unida 920 WTEM The Team 980 WMVP Sports 1000 WINS News 1010 KDKA News Radio 1020 WBZ News Radio 1030 KYW News Radio 1060 WBAL News Radio 1090 WBT News Talk 1100 WWVA News Radio 1170 WPHT Talk Radio 1210 WADO Noticias 1280 WFED News 1500 WFME Family Radio 1560 WWRU K-Radio 1660 WTTM La Unika 1680

WebSDR, Milford, PA, USA
KiwiSDR, Princeton Junction, NJ, USA
KiwiSDR, Highland Falls, NY, USA
KiwiSDR, Holland, MA, USA
WebSDR, Kensington, NH, USA
WebSDR, Washington, DC, USA
KiwiSDR, Concord, NH, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

WILL Illinois Public Media 580 WSCR The Score 670 WGN Radio 720 WBBM Newsradio 780 WCPT Progressive Talk 820 WLS Talk Radio 890 WNTD Relevant Radio 950 WSBC Access Radio 1240 WGRB Inspiration Radio 1390 WCGO Smart Talk 1590

KiwiSDR, Chicago, Illinois, USA
KiwiSDR, Bloomington, Illinois, USA
KiwiSDR, Peoria, Illinois, USA
KiwiSDR, Saint John, Indiana, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

WYGM The Game 740 WRSO Acción Radio 810 WORL The Answer 950 WTLN The Word 990 WIWA The Shepherd 1270 WPRD La Voz 1440

KiwiSDR, Orlando, Florida, USA

Southern California, USA

LKAC Sports Radio 570 KFI Talk Radio 640 KIRN 670 XEWW Tijuana 690 KGB Sports 760 KABC 790 KGO The Spread 810 KFWB La Mera Mera 980 KTNQ Noticias 1020 KNX News 1070 KEIB Patriot Talk 1150 KHTS Hometown Station 1220 KMZT K-Mozart 1260 KSRO News Talk 1350 KPMC Korean Radio 1540 KBLA Talk Radio 1580 KHPY Radio Catolica 1670

WebSDR, Santa Clarita, California, USA
KiwiSDR, San Diego, California, USA
KiwiSDR, Stauffer, California, USA

Northern California, USA

KSTE Talk Radio 650 KNBR Sports Radio 680 KFIA The Word 710 KCBS All News 740 KGO The Spread 810 KNCO News Talk 830 KVMX La Ranchera 890 KATD KIQI Relay 990 KTCT ESPN Sports 1050 KFAX Christian Radio 1100 KHTK Sactown Sports 1140 KLOK Radio Mirchi 1170 KMKY Radio Mirchi 1310 KSRO News Talk 1350 KFIV Power Talk 1360 KFBK NewsRadio 1530 KZDG Radio Zindagi 1550 KDIA Christian Talk 1640

KiwiSDR, Point Reyes, California, USA
KiwiSDR, Half Moon Bay, California, USA
KiwiSDR, Half Moon Bay, California, USA
KiwiSDR, Whitmore, California, USA

Corrine, Utah, USA

KNRS Talk Radio 570 KVNU News Talk 610 KTNN Navaho Nation 660 KSVN KePAdre Radio 730 KUTR The Truth 820 KXNT Las Vegas 840 KKAT Salt Lake City 860 KANN SOS Radio 1120 KSL News and Talk 1160 KMES Radio Catolica 1430 KBJA K-Talk Radio 1640

WebSDR, Corrine, Utah, USA
KiwiSDR, Corrine, Utah, USA

Eastern Texas, USA

KLIF News Radio 570 KLBJ News Radio 590 KTNO Radio Luz 620 KSKY The Answer 660 KTRH News Radio 740 WBAP News Talk 820 XEQ XEQ Ke Buena 940 KXIL Relevant 970 KRLD NewsRadio 1080 KTXW The Bridge 1120 KVET The Zone 1300 KJCE Talk Radio 1370 KELG La Palabra 1440 KTXZ Radio Católica 1560 KOKE Puro Norteño 1600

KiwiSDR, Austin, Texas, USA
KiwiSDR, Crowley, Texas, USA
WebSDR, Gatesville, Texas, USA

Reception range is limited during local daylight hous due to ionospheric absorbtion; nigttime range is very long - at least hundreds and sometimes a thousand kilometers or more. WebSDRs can accommodate plenty of users and site operators typically do not limit your time on the server. Have fun and enjoy the ease of AM / mediumwave listening by WebSDR!

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