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WebSDR Locations (Click for Stations)

Argentina and Uruguay Western Europe Eastern Europe Sao Paulo, Brasil Corrine, Utah, USA Los Angeles, USA Boston - New York - Washigton DC Regions, USA

Use the list below to quickly open a browser tab, streaming your favorite station from a WebSDR receiver. If signals are weak or noisy, try another station or switch to a different SDR location. You can tune around and find more stations on any of the SDRs. They not only receive AM / mediumwave, but work fabulously on shortwave too.

Visit the Skywavelinux SDR Map to find other receiving stations in your geographic area of interest. I have also set up lists for Canadian Mediumwave on KiwiSDR and Australia - New Zealand Mediumwave on KiwiSDR for all who enjoy the news, music, and lively cultural programs each place offers.

How to use:

  1. Select a station by clicking the appropriate button.
  2. After page reloads, click on a receiver location to open an SDR tab in your browser.
  3. Each click on any receiver opens a new tab, so you can listen from more than one location.
  4. Click to download this WebSDR Mediumwave List [PDF].
KiwiSDR: 21st Century Radio for the People
A listener's handbook by and for KiwiSDR enthusiasts.

Argentina and Uruguay

WebSDR, Saladillo City Argentina
WebSDR, Montevideo, Uruguay

Western Europe

WebSDR in Heppen, Belgium
WebSDR in Enschede, Netherlands
WebSDR in Grimsby, United Kingdom

Eastern Europe

WebSDR in Krizevci, Croatia
WebSDR in Alexandroupolis, Greece
WebSDR in Athens, Greece
WebSDR in Breaza, Romania

Sao Paulo, Brasil

WebSDR Sao Paulo, Brasil

Corrine, Utah, USA

WebSDR, Corrine, Utah, USA

Los Angeles, USA

WebSDR, Santa Clarita, California, USA

Boston - New York - Washigton DC Regions, USA

WebSDR, Milford, PA,USA
WebSDR, Kensington, NH,USA
WebSDR, Washington, DC, USA

Reception range is limited during local daylight hous due to ionospheric absorbtion; nigttime range is very long - at least hundreds and sometimes a thousand kilometers or more. WebSDRs can accommodate plenty of users and site operators typically do not limit your time on the server. Have fun and enjoy the ease of AM / mediumwave listening by WebSDR!

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