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Updated May 8, 2021: Changed freq buttons and list.

VOLMETs fixed stations in the aeronautical radio service, tasked with broadcasting weather for aircraft on long distance flights, out of range of typical VHF aero weather sources. They often operate on an hourly schedule, sharing their frequencies with other VOLMET stations. Items broadcast by VOLMETs are typically lists of routine airport weather observations (METARs), forecasts (TAFs), significant weather warnings (SIGMETS), and sometimes pilot reports (PIREPS). To learn more about these aviation weather reports and forecasts, visit the Aviation Weather Center. There is a lot of very careful and specific language in aviation weather data. For example, "Runway visual range" and "visibility" are two different measurements, as "mist" is different from "fog" and "probability" is not quite the same as "chance of..."

Use the list below to quickly tune in the VOLMET stations you wish to monitor. Simply click on the station and frequency, then wait for the SDR to render in a new browser tab. If signals are weak or noisy, try another frequency or switch to a different SDR server. Also, visit the VE3SUN KiwiSDR List or the Linkfanel.net SDR Map to find other receiving stations in your geographic area of interest.

How to use:

  1. Select a frequency by clicking a numbered button.
  2. Click on a receiver location to open an SDR tab in your browser.
  3. Each click on any receiver opens a new tab, so you can listen from more than one location.

Tokyo, Japan. Times: H+10
Hong Kong, China. Times: H+15
Auckland, New Zealand. Times: H+20
Tokyo, Japan
Mie, Japan
Hong Kong, China
Bandung, Indonesia
Marahau, New Zealand
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Beijing, PRC. Times: H+15, H+45
Guangzhou, PRC. Times: H+00, H+30
Mie, Japan
Hong Kong, China
Australia. Times: H+00
Bangkok, Thailand. Times: H+10
Karachi, Pakistan. Times: H+15
Kolkata, India. Times: H+05
Mumbai, India. Times: H+25
Singapore, Singapore. Times: H+20
Coimbatore, India
New Delhi, India
Bandung, Indonesia
Araluen, NSW, Australia
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Petersburg, Russia. Times: H+20, H+50
Rostov, Russia. Times: H+25, H+5505
Elimaki, Finland
Uglich, Russia

Since propagation conditions vary between different receiver sites and frequencies, try different combinations to find which ones work best for your desired stations. Most KiwiSDRs have rather high default gain settings, producing plenty of noise, which can cause listener fatigue. Consider reducing the AGC threshold to a setting between -80 and -90 dB. The KiwiSDR default USB filter bandpass is good for VOLMET traffic, though the URLs given here set a wider bandpass for better fidelity.

Please be a fair listener on these radio servers. Avoid excessive time or opening multiple SDR tabs from the same site at once, as site operators detect and block users or frequencies who draw excessive bandwidth.

If you find interesting signals on the VOLMET frequencies, give some thought to making an audio recording or screen capture video to share on sites such as YouTube or Soundcloud

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