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Radio via Computer
Quick Tune Global Internet SDR List Quick Tune Military HFGCS List Quick Tune VOLMET List
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Find ways to find online SDR servers, tweak your own SDR equipment, and improve your experience of computer-based radio in the articles below. There are scripts you can use for bookmarking your favorite frequencies. There are dynamic KiwiSDR lists where you can plug in a frequency and pick sites around the world to listen from. If you have tempermental audio hardware, there are references for getting it to work properly.

A Simple Bookmark Script For KiwiSDR Sites
Other Top Notch Linux Distros
WebSDRs in 2019
Programmatic RTL-SDR Calibration
Fixing Audio: Dell, HP, Compaq
Gqrx Spyserver Linux Client
Best Internet SDR Servers
Quick Tune Military HFGCS List
Quick Tune VOLMET List

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